Terms & Conditions

  • Carefully, You should read the terms and conditions from Zalistic®. By viewing, or using this site in any form type of way you agree to our terms and condition. If you do not agree to this terms we won’t take it personally, but please do not use our services or product as if you do ” Your Use Is At Your Own Risk” 

1. Who we will do support.

  • We help and support issues of the sites features.
  • We support our paid customers with issues they may have with their profile
  • We answer questions who have sent a message from our contact form.

2. What we will do support.

  • We help customers solve problems / issues ( functionality ) that we advertise and not working in the customer’s side
  • We help customers do import sample data
  • We help customers start using the basic steps of Zalistic
  • We help customers if a paid listing does not show

3. Support Time

  • Support requests are being processed on business days from 10:00am to 2:00pm / Monday -> Thursday ( Pacific Time )

4. Where Can You Get a Support

  • We spent most priority to help in our help center on our contact page. Please, make sure that you’ve double checked the steps of posting a listing and that payment has been made before submitting a support ticket. We cannot take any responsibility for damages caused by crucial information leaks.
  • You can send us a message via form contact form of our contact page.
  • You can use method sending email for support and questions.

5. Disclaimer

  • Please do not forget that all our products and services are provided “As Is” without warranties of any kind, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Refer to Terms and Conditions for more details: http://zalistic.com/termsofservice 

6. Refunds

  • All Sales Are Final. There will be No Refunds, No Warranties, No Guaranties, No Exchanges, No Pro-rates, No Credit, Or Reimbursements of any kind for any reason. 

7. Copyright Information

  • We DO NOT sale and DO NOT include stock photos in Zalistic package.
  • We deliver method to import, and you are solely responsible for the use of the photos, clipart, template.
  • We are Not responsible for what information “listers” may expose on their profile listings and if the have copyright material they are licensed to use.

Please Read Fully


By visiting, viewing, using, and purchasing products or services listed on Zalistic.com, You agree to be “BOND” on ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS of Zalistic.com and understand that products, services, information, and items displayed on this site are from private sellers, persons, companies which are not apart “Zalistic,LLC” branding or it’s branded products or services. You agree not to hold “Zalistic® companies” responsible for any false information given, listed, or advertised. You agree by using, viewing, posting, and buying form Zalistic.com to be solely as your own risk and will not hold the owner nor “Zalistic®,LLC” branding / company of this website responsible for any losses, injuries, emotional distress or damages to yourself or to others that may result directly or indirectly from any ads, Information given, Images or Videos displayed, or when meeting private sellers in person or information posted or given here.

By creating a listing here with Zalistic®, you agree that they are in compliance with our guidelines listed below:

All purchases are final and no reimbursement, credit, or refund of any kind will be issued.  We reserve the right to modify or delete any listings, events, ads in violation of our guidelines in order to prevent abuse and keep the content appropriate for general audience. This includes people of all ages, genders, races, religions, sex orientation, and nationalities. Therefore, all ads that are in violation of our guidelines are subject to being removed immediately and without notice.

By Listing with Zalistic.com, YOU agree to the following statement:

I agree that I (Listing poster) will be solely responsible for the content of any Listing ads that I post on this website. I will NOT hold the owner of this website responsible for any losses or damages to myself or to others that may result directly or indirectly from any Listings ads or information that I post.

No foul or otherwise inappropriate language will be tolerated. Listing Ads in violation of this rule are subject to being removed immediately and without warning or notice. If it was a paid Listing ad, no refund will be issued. No racist, hateful, or otherwise offensive comments or any form of discrimination will be tolerated. No Ads promoting activities that are illegal under the current laws of this state or country. Any Listing ad that appears to be merely a test, prank, or false posting a joke or otherwise insincere or non-serious is subject to removal. We reserve the ultimate discretion as to which ads, if any, are in violation of these guidelines.

Profiles & Listings Postings Ads:

Profiles, Accounts, Events, and any Listings ads may deleted at any time without warning or notice for no reason or any of the following reasons:

-Does not seem as if its an active account

-No profile image has been posted or image seem to be inappropriate for all ages to view

-Email addresses seem suspicious and / or are repeated

-No description was filled out about profile holder

-Advertises, displays, promotes, or reflects any kind of crime or criminal activity / activities

-There are more then one duplicate ad or pictures

-No profile picture uploaded

-Taking up Memory space

Terms & Conditions may change at any time and without notice at any given time. Thank you for your understanding.  View Privacy Policy Here