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Can I edit my listing after its posted?

Yes you can edit it. Visit your dash board when your logged in and find the “Listings” Tab and click on it. From there you can edit your listing and save the changes and it will show up with your new edits.

Why are some of the events not current?

It is up to Lister of the posting to provide the most current info.  Most listings have the owner contact info listed so, see if you can contact them about their event but, if you may be concerned of a posting please visit our contact page and send us in the message form of what listings you have a concern about so we can look into it.

Does Zalistic® have promotional items that my business can use for Advertisement?

Yes we do. There is a shop page where you can find some nice products like window stickers, Fliers, etc to buy so, you can display them for your customers to see when they visit.

Is it free to post a listing?

Most things are not free in life as well as Zalistic® but, we offer great plans which are priced pretty reasonably compared to other forms of advertising methods out there. Sign-up to post a listing and check out the plans there.

Why do I not see many places on in my city? may not be known around your city yet but, we are expanding every day to reach as many cities as possible so hopefully you’ll see more business around your area sign-up with us soon.

Can Customers at my restaurant leave comments on my profile.

Yes they can. Before your customer’s leave your business, ask them if they can leave positive feedback on your profile page at by looking for the name of your business on the website. From there, they can create an account and they can leave a review on your page profile for people to see.

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