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How can I earn money with Zalistic?

Zalistic provides many ways to make money

Paid Listings

This is the big money maker of your directory site. Listing owners will pay to get their places listed on your site.

Promoted Listings

You offer Promotion Plans, listing owners will have directories appeared at special spots on site, and at the top of search results page.

Paid Claim Listings

Another revenue model to monetize from listing. You create a listing on your site and allow the business owner to claim it.

Zalistic® is Shaping The Future

We offer many great services & resources from Business Reconstructive Development,  Shopping at your favorite store’s with just a click or even Selling, Buying, & Trading things on our Classified site. Try them all & Enjoy!

Zalistic® Classifieds

Bringing back the good old classifieds! You can Sell, Buy, Trade and even find a job using our classifieds. We have created it to be easy to use, to find things, and to be able to post an ad listing. Browse around & you might find something kool!

Zalsitic® Net

No need to type or search anymore. Whether you are needing to find internet services, help moving, or find furniture for you new place. It can be found here. Find Top Stores & Services all in one place. Show your friends how easy and fun it is with Zalistic®

Zalistic® Biz

No matter the size of your business. We can help create innovated ways of having your business run more efficiently with saving time and money. Also, working with designing new products & Services you may like!