Are Erotic Tales Dead?

Are erotic tales dead?

It may be the case if we take a look at the innumerous simple and trashy websites, filled with stories so close to pornography that they just make you want to close the computer and read a good old fashion novel instead.

We are living in a digital world.

That's a fact. However, as living breathing human beings imaginations is still our most powerful tool. We can still get aroused just by words, and have crazy dreams based just on words that fill our mind with images and thoughts.

A picture is worth a thousand words some may say, but nothing opens your imagination more than an open book where your imagination travels from place to place, lover to lover, and fill the blanks on its own. A single paragraph is known to take anyone to the open road of your wildest dreams.

I say it's still possible to make interesting stories and meaningful tales of passion without being slutty or using direct image content as resource that leaves no room for our thoughts, dreams and desires.

Over the centuries books like The Kamasutra, Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.

H. Lawrence and more recently authors such as Anais Nin have made a remarkable impact on society.

Time passes and rushes every day, we never seem to have enough and it seems easier to go for the cheap easy satisfaction ways (that ends in seconds leaving an empty feeling afterwards).

Why? Because we are starting to forget that our mind is our major center of pleasure, with infinite possibilities – you just have to feed it with the right thoughts and words.

The pen is mightier than the sword and these days keyboards rule the world.

Tales can comfort, inspire, excite and give shape to every simple idea. Keep that in mind for your next online adventure.

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